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"One of my favorite places to eat! Every time I come it's consistent and great. Definitely have to try this place out!

- Jack T -

“Absolutely fantastic dining experience! I cannot say enough how you should run not walk to this place for a meal.
The appetizer selection is vast. But, if you follow these reviews at all, please order the dumplings and vegetable pancake! You will be impressed with the dumpling's filling- so rich!
Stone bowl for dinner- hands down!
Enjoy guys! I know you will!"

- Steph M -


"I love that there's a Korean restaurant in Ft. Pierce. As a Korean person living in South Florida, it pains me that there are so few places to get Korean food. Lo and behold, Seoul Garden serves up authentic Korean cooking, with a neighborly smile, too! The kimchi and radish kimchi (kkakdugi) were fresh, and dol sot (hot stone) bibim bap really hit the spot. You never guess you can get your 'korean fix' in Ft. Pierce!"

- Lisa N -


"Wow! I have ate there 3 times now and every single time I am impressed! OMG a MUST GO in Fort Pierce FL."

- Shauni G -

"This restaurant has been my first true foray into Korean food and I'm a convert!  You may think you know Ramen, but try the real thing - it's delicious!  The rice stone bowl is yummy, the short ribs, the pickled radish, etc are all tasty!  The menu is small but gives you some nice variety to try different things.

It seems to be family owned and operated and they remember you from visit to visit. There's a little grocery store inside as well and I found a nifty bag of roasted chestnut kernals to snack on one day.

Give it a try - it's a little gem in Fort Pierce - hidden in a rather run down shopping center off US1."

- Mel Z -



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